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        Four green one red, Jiangxi's second card is called tea.

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        Tea is a leaf. When it first met with human beings, it was regarded as a prescription for detoxification. Thousands of years ago, it turned into a delicious drink through Chinese hands.

        Tea is a kind of life. According to the way of writing Chinese characters, tea is between people. Tea is a human attitude towards nature and an attitude towards the heart.

        At 30 degrees north latitude, a high-quality tea belt is growing, and China's two major high-quality tea producing areas run through it. Yunwu tea, Wuyuan green tea, Fuliang tea and Ninghe black tea in Lushan County, Jiangxi Province, all grow in the meantime.

        In history, Jiangxi tea has experienced countless brilliant, they carry the ancient Jiangxi Po culture famous at home and abroad, let the world know Jiangxi. Today, & ldquo; four green and one red & rdquo; Start again, five provincial key tea brands, such as Goubao, Wuyuan green tea, Lushan cloud, Fuliang tea, Ninghe black tea, will tell the world about the legend of Jiangxi leaves.

        Stop, listen to the story of time, taste the taste of life, let the soul rest a cup of tea time. Reporter left Yang day / Wen

        Ning Hong: Russia's Prince Edward “ tea cover Chinese ”

        Located in Xiushui County, northwest of our province, the mountain forests are verdant, fertile soil and abundant rainfall. Every spring and summer, clouds freeze deep valleys, fog around strange peaks, wonderful scenery, rain after sunshine, the sun is sparse, this atmosphere is very conducive to the growth of tea trees, world-renowned Ninghong is bred in this land.

        One day in 1891, at the wharf of Hankou, the largest black tea market in China, a young European loved black tea and tasted a cup of black tea, and presented a plaque & ldquo; Tea Covered China, the price was higher than the world & rdquo;. The young man was Russian Prince Nicholas II & middot; Alexander & middot; Rovich & middot; Romanov, and he drank black tea instead.

        Wu Jue-nong, a contemporary tea saint, has testified that Ninghong was the earliest black tea-making tribe in China's history, as early as 90 years ago. In the middle of nineteenth Century, Ning Hong sold well in Europe and America and became a famous Chinese tea. In 1904, Jiangxi Ning Hong began to produce tribute &mdash, &mdash and Taizi tea. On the 15th, Lian Lian, head of Jiangxi Ninghong Group, said that people often think of Anhui Qimen black tea when it comes to black tea, but Ninghong has a longer history.

        From 1892 to 1894, Ningxia black tea entered its heyday in the international market, exporting 300,000 boxes (25 kilograms per box) annually. In the peak period (1904), the output of Ninghong reached 300,000 tons. At that time, there were more than 100 tea houses and tea in Xiushui County, and the total export of tea in the county accounted for 1/10 of the total. At the Panama World Exposition in San Francisco, USA in 1915, & ldquo; Ninghong Gongfu Tea & rdquo; won the Class A medal (two times higher than the Golden Award), in Hong Kong, Hankou and other export ports have “ Ninghong not Zhuang, tea does not open the box ” reputation; Wu Jue-nong inscription: & ldquo; Ninghong, Qihong and called the world's first ”.

        Time flies, things are impermanent. In the middle and late 90s of last century, the red tea was gradually fading out of the market. People in Jiangxi are thinking: how to make the old black tea leaves go back to glory? In 2002, Xiushui became one of the first 20 pollution-free tea production demonstration bases in China, and tea became one of the four pillar industries in Xiushui County. After nearly ten years of efforts, Xiushui County finally obtained the national agricultural product geographical indications certification in 2011. The planting area of tea reached 120,000 mu in 2012, Xiushui was named Jiangxi's first & ldquo; the hometown of famous tea in China & rdquo;.

        The brand of water tea industry is small and scattered, there are many different sizes of tea gardens, due to the lack of unified management, we fight for each other. First of all, we restored the tea variety garden in the tea ecological science and technology park, and gradually standardized the production. In the tea processing, we changed the emphasis on the production of large-scale tea for multi-tea production, and changed the focus on handmade tea only for promotion. The famous famous tea is made by machine, and the quality of tea is greatly improved. ”


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