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        Industry Trends

        It is a hard truth to drink tea.

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        & nbsp; in the past two years, the price of Yunnan Regional and individual mountain tea and stir was, some so-called experts station on the narrow individual or small group benefits, in & ldquo; stories & rdquo;, & ldquo; Myth & rdquo; cryptically propaganda only hill first & ldquo; sectarianism & rdquo; and almost pure and pure trees & ldquo; plant pure materials of Pu erh tea & rdquo; it seems to leave the mountains of the ancient pure material, Pu'er tea is not tea, do not drink! But more let a person can't accept is individual merchants to ordinary tea, packaging on a magic cloak or tell a beautiful story, the price stir into the sky, the lack of honesty and credit is the greatest tragedy if the development of the industry as a whole will be the fatal blow.

        & nbsp; & nbsp; undeniable, class chapter, Iceland, easy Wu, past, etc, Dasan is a mountain tea, after all, but a limited number of it, how could all over the world are trees in Iceland, the old class chapter Pu'er, even if things really should not the price too high, so that the price of a complete departure from the value. The tea is just a little leaf, although the literati has given
            its rich cultural concept, but it is first used to drink, drink good is good tea, not a story is a good tea, utilitarian tea culture is not long, tea must return to its true.

            in fact, tea is not so mysterious, in simple terms, the tea is produced by different processes, with different grades of raw materials, different tea has different tastes, different tastes are suitable for different people, according to their own taste to choose their favorite tea can be. No matter what kind of tea, there are various grades and ranks of basic elements of good tea, must have the following:

        A clear soup. Good tea tea must be clear and bright, a mixed tea tea soup, again good also have defects.

        Two, smell alcohol. Different kinds of tea have different smell, the smell of alcohol is the degree of the decision of its quality level, there is no good smell bad smell good tea.

        Three, tea soft. Have back to Kennedy, avoid bitter. This tea is bitter, bitter sweet, but also good tea, like tea, banzhang man-e. A bitter, long aftertaste, is certainly not a good tea.

        Four, high, lasting fragrance. The persistence of the aroma is an important factor to determine the quality of the quality. Of course, if you can find a few tea to drink, it is certainly the best way to learn tea, tea.

            even professional tea review, it is also based on the review of the review of the personnel, the smell, taste organs to review the tea, professional examination of tea has five factors: appearance, color, aroma, taste and leaf bottom. And these five factors are nothing more than the taste, aroma and shape, which is the first appearance of the texture, shape.

            tea industry celebrities that tea can not be considered within fifty years of good, it is best to drink tea for one hundred years. And not to say that this view is a matter of opinion, but a little is certain, tea, regardless of how long it is stored, and ultimately used to drink, including new (raw) tea is also able to drink. If can not drink tea, then tea is Green Tea than Pu'er Tea students, it is more to drink? Pu'er Tea born tea dry, slightly fermented, Green Tea is not fermented, it is reborn?

        & nbsp; & nbsp; & ldquo; Tibetan tea, old tea & rdquo; is modern people say & ldquo; the emperor must taste of Yang Xiancha, Baicao dare not blossom first & rdquo;, & ldquo; and try new fire tea & rdquo; that is the precious tea. Is not to say that the old tea is not good, from currently scientific experiments that the feelings of people drinking, the features and benefits of the old tea is self-evident, but nutrient content of tea is the highest. Should put aside all kinds of controversy, to restore the true nature of tea, tea is used to drink first, good drink is the hard truth!


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