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        Industry Trends

        Four green one red, Jiangxi second business cards called tea

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        Tea, is a leaf, the first and the human encounter, it was as a prescription for detoxification. Thousands of years ago, it became a delicious drink through the Chinese people's hands.

        Tea, is a kind of life. According to Chinese characters in writing, tea, is between people in the grass. Tea, is the human face of the natural attitude, but also the attitude of the heart.

        Latitude 30 degrees, the growth of a high quality tea, two of China's largest high-quality tea producing area right through and, Jiangxi Lushan Yunwu Tea, Wuyuan green tea, Fu Liang tea, Ninghong tea are grown in the meantime.

        History, Jiangxi tea has experienced countless brilliant, they carry the ancient culture of Gan Po renowned Chinese and foreign, let the world know of Jiangxi. Today, & ldquo; four green and one red & rdquo; ready to start again, Kwu dog brain, Wuyuan green tea, Lushan Yunwu, floating tea Liang, Ning black tea, such as five provincial key tea brand to to the world about the legend of Jiangxi leaves.

        Stop, listen to the story of the years, taste the taste of life, let the heart rest a cup of tea time. Reporter Zuo Yangtian / Wen -

        The Russian prince like &ldquo: Ninghong tea; cover Chinese
        Located in the northwest province of Xiushui County, forest green, fertile soil, abundant rainfall. Every year between spring and summer, cloud condensation Valley, fog Qifeng, Wei for wonders, the rain suddenly sunny, sunlight scattered, the atmosphere is very conducive to the growth of tea, enjoys a good reputation the world Ninghong bred in this piece of land.

        One day in 1891, at the time of China's largest tea market in Hankou docks on, a play of black tea European youth in taste a cup of tea after praise, and presented the & ldquo of the plaque plate; tea cover China, the highest in the world & rdquo;. The young man is a Russian Prince Nicholas II & middot; Aleksander & middot; Luo Veitch & middot; Roman Ralph, and he drank is Ning black tea.

        “ contemporary sage Wu Juenong research, is the history of China's manufacturing Ninggong Black Tea the earliest tribe, as early as 90 years of Qi Hong. The middle of the nineteenth Century, Ninggong sold in Europe and America, become Chinese tea. In 1904, Jiangxi Ninghong began production of imperial tribute tea Prince — &mdash. & rdquo; 15, Jiangxi Ninghong group responsible for official Lian said, bring a black tea, people tend to think of Anhui Qimen black tea, but Ninghong history has a longer history.

        From 1892 to 1894, the tea market in the international market, the tea into the peak period, the annual output of 300000 boxes (25 kg per box). Peak period (1904), the output reached 30 million piculs (old tea takes & ldquo; Bear & rdquo; as the unit of measurement, a bear for 100 pounds). Then, in Xiushui county tea tea line up to hundred, in the county of tea exports accounted for 1/10 of the national total. 1915 in San Francisco Panama Pacific International Exposition & ldquo; Ninghong Gongfu tea & rdquo; grade Medallion (than high gold two grades), export port in Hong Kong, Hankou, & ldquo; Ninghong to Zhuang, tea is not out of the box & rdquo; reputation; Wu juenong inscription: & ldquo; Ninghong, Keemun black tea and said the world & rdquo.

        Time shuttle, the world is uncertain. The late 90's of the last century, a rather Black Tea gradually fade out of the market. Jiangxi people in thinking: how to make the ancient black tea leaves to re move to glory? In 2002, Xiushui became the first batch of 20 non polluted tea production demonstration bases county standard, tea has also become a Xiushui County, one of the four pillar industries. After nearly ten years of efforts, Xiushui County finally won the national geographical indications of agricultural products certification in 2011. Tea planting area in 2012 reached more than 12 acres, Xiushui was called Jiangxi's first “ Chinese tea ”.

        & ldquo; Xiushui tea industry, the brand of small and scattered, there are many size is not a tea garden, due to the lack of unified management, we separately. & rdquo; Xiushui county Zhang Lijun, deputy magistrate of 15, said, now integrated into Ninghong this brand: & ldquo; we first tea ecological science and Technology Park in the restored garden of tea varieties, production gradually standardized, in the tea processing, change attention to the production of bulk tea for tea class production, change the famous tea only pay attention to the hand crafted for the promotion of an actor tea machine production, the quality of tea is greatly improved. ”


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